How to delete old unused fields from fields panel via ELS, GL or Mongo?

Dear community,

I have a bunch of old fields from testing extractors which I want to delete from the fields panel:

Also I saw the previous post How to delete old unused fields from fields panel? but no one answered the question at all.
Do I need to delete the entire IndexSet where the extractor is running and generating those fields? In the GL API I can only see the endpoint “System/Fields: Get list of message fields that exist.”

Can anyone tell me how to delete a single field without deleting anything?

Best regards and thank you.

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I personally never had to delete fields before, but I did a quick google search and found this.

Maybe that will give you more insight.
Hope that helps


Hello gsmith,

thank you very much for your help.
I will check this out today and let you know if this is working as expected.

Best regards

The fields will age out based on your retention strategy if they’re not being used anymore.

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