Hello, I need help in search and extractors, the elasticsearch find more fields than they really are

If in one field of my message exist “,” for example:

misg=“XX=xxx, YY=tt, … ZZ=iii”

And the search shows for example misg, XX, YY, …, ZZ like a fields but the real field is misg.

How to remove the XX, YY, ZZ and show only misg? Or… How to show only the fields find for the extractors?


Sorry @alfa

I do not get your question.

I have fields in one of my fields and Graylog recognizes them as fields to each of these, I do not know if I am expressing myself correctly

maybe you post a screenshot?

I found that I would to change something in Mongodb for this. Thanks for your time

sharing is caring - what did you do? Maybe someone else can learn?

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