How to create dashboard widget with multiple series search?

I’m amazed how a multi series widget was created here.

I started working with graylog and saw some old widgets created here, but I can’t find anywhere how this was done, there’s nothing about multi series in the documentation, I didn’t find anything like it on google, I didn’t find any example of someone who has done something similar.

When I click on the play icon nothing happens.

Below configuration.

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Thank you for your help.

Where did you get those screens from? The Dashboards look quite old, like Graylog 2.0 or similar.

In modern Graylog 4.2/4.3 you will use the “Group By” like this:

Row → timestamp: Splits up the values of the x-axis by time
Column → source: Splits up the different values of the “source” field into different buckets
There is no individual search-query for each of them though.

Thanks for the feedback!

These screens are from my graylog here, someone before me created this dashboard, it already existed, what amazed me is that the widget has multiples queries on the same graph.

I didn’t find anything in the documentation about individual queries on the same graph but apparently there is, someone did it here, unfortunately I don’t have contact with who created it to explain to me how, but I believe this is something that a lot of people would like to do, I haven’t found any examples anywhere about something similar.

Seems my dashboard is unique. :rofl:

Hello @mcosta

Here is a link to some older documentations for Graylog.
This may help for your version.

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@gsmith / @ihe

Ow Lord… is so easy! I found it!

The feature name is STACKED CHART!
It’s very simple, just dragging one graph inside the other…


Oh wow nice @mcosta :+1:


Problem now, I’m not finding how to do the same in the new release.
I’m not finding anything about STACKED CHARTS in the new version.

Yeah, new version is a little more tricky.

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I couldn’t do it, the line chart doesn’t have that option and when the search changes, all the charts change.

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Query change, results change.
In the old version you can create graphs and it keeps the query


In this example I’m using http code, but what I need is to present the different processing times of the request, just like the example of the old version.

“request_time:>5 AND request_time:<10” and “Query: request_time:>10” in same graph.

@gsmith merge this…




I probably should have shown you this, I apologize

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We probably won’t be able to replicate the same graphics from the old version in the new version, I’ll check if it’s possible to do that in Grafana.

Stacked Charts is wonderful…why did they take it down? :pensive:

Not Sure @mcosta Think there going a different way with Widgets. For us It not that big of deal, what I need is alerts #1 and Graylog Metrics #2. I do use Grafana pretty easy setup to enable Prometheus in Graylog

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