Combined graph and 3.3

Hello again @konrad
Can we get back to my question mentioned in Rollback 3.2->3.1?

I’m trying to find combined graphs function in 3.3 but seems got stuck
How exactly we can achieve something like this in 3.3?

Unfortunately with 3.3 we still can’t do this. We are missing the feature to have two separate queries in one graph. It is something we want to have in the future, but still do not support again.

- Konrad

Oh, that’s sad. Any chance to implement it by 2021?

It is really hard to say, which also means the chance is not 0 :slight_smile:

Ah, ok, so, just to make sure: you are aware about this huge loss, it’s already somewhere in your roadmap, no need to bother developers submitting additional issue about it.
Is that correct?

Not exactly but we do not rule it out either. If you want you can create an issue, where you describe your use case in detail. This always helps when we plan a new roadmap / features for a release.

It was supposed as a change request, but was labeled as a bug(I don’t know why)

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That is the default, I add the feature label, and we will sort it out later.

Thanks a lot!

- Konrad

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