How to configure kafka output with topic and credentials

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how to configure kafka output with sasl.jaas.config with kafka topic name and it’s credentials to send logs in Kafka from Graylog server

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    I have Graylog server running with 5.x version on RHE8 OS

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I have created the kafka output but didn’t find option to fill sasl credentials, hence updated in server.conf as below
output_module = kafka
output_module_kafka_topic = topic1
output_module_kafka_bootstrap_servers =
output_module_kafka_security_protocol = SASL_PLAINTEXT
output_module_kafka_ssl_truststore_location = /etc/pki/kafka/RootCA01.crt
output_module_kafka_sasl_mechanism = PLAIN
output_module_kafka_sasl_jaas_config = required username=“abc” password=“azxswq”;

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To make sure I understand fully, are you looking to send logs FROM kafka TO graylog (kafka → graylog), OR
FROM graylog TO kafka (graylog → kafka).


I’m looking to forward logs from graylog to Kafka topic with SASL authentication.

Could you please assist me to transfer logs from Graylog to Kafka topic with SASL credentials.

As far as I know there is no official or supported way to output messages from graylog to kafka. I did find an unofficial output plugin, but i have not tested it and its several years old so may no longer work. GitHub - asnowfox/graylog-kafka-output . I’m also not clear on if it supports SASL.

I also found this document graylog-guide-syslog-kafka/ at master · Graylog2/graylog-guide-syslog-kafka · GitHub but it more so talks about ingesting messages in kafak and then sending to graylog.

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