Kafka input with ssl

It’s possible connect from graylog to kafka with ssl transport?

So, i have an answer on my own question.
Yes, it’s real.

Step by step:

  1. Clone the repo: https://github.com/arsiesys/graylog-kafka-plugin
  2. Install maven: sudo yum install -y maven (if you use a centos)
  3. Go to repo directory: cd graylog-kafka-plugin
  4. Launch build: mvn package
  5. Copy .jar file to your graylog plugin directory: mv target/graylog-plugin-kafkanew-1.1.0.jar /usr/share/graylog/plugin/

After this, in Graylog System - Input you can select next:

  • GELF Kafka New;
  • Raw/Plaintext Kafka New;
  • Syslog Kafka New;

And configure one of this input to connect your kafka to graylog with ssl.

he @MalinkinSA

you could have downloaded the release and no need to build it on your own:

but thanks for that.

Hi @jan
Many thanks for you answer, i did not notice availability ready build.
But i have a little feedback for all who want use it:
Unlike the built-in graylog kafka connector in this plugin lack of support custom Consumer name. I fixed it for my installation and send a pull request to added it.

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