How to add new config parameters in server.cof

i want to add new config param in server.conf and read it

how can i do it ??

Graylog is using JadConfig for reading and processing its configuration files.

See for the respective Javadoc.

For the Graylog side of things, you can take a look at the Configuration class:

i added a new param say xxxx = 10 in .conf file

and in i added

@Parameter(value = “xxxx”, required = true)
private String xxxx;

and created setter and getter like this

public String getXxxx() {
    return xxxx;

public void setxxxx(String s) {
    xxxx = s;

but still i wont get getXxxx() method in configuration class instance

am i doing anything wrong ??


That should work.

What did you change specifically, what did you expect to happen, and how did you test it?

i want to add an param xyz in .conf file and i want to use it in java

i expect getxxx() method to be available in config instance

i just made above modification and created instance of configuration class and tryed to access like conf.getxxx() even tried doing mvn compile but no luck

Please describe step-by-step what you did and what the result of the step was.

FWIW, it works for me.™

add a parameter pluginenable in config file

declare it in like this


and create setter and getter



i’m creating instance of configuration class and trying to access the isPluginenable() method

hey it works in graylog2-server 's code

actually i’m trying to read it in an graylog-plugin which i’m writing

is there anything i should do ??


Yes, you have to include the changed graylog2-server artifact in your project, e. g. by running mvn install in the graylog2-server repository so that it’s installed in the local Maven repository cache (see ~/.m2/repository/).

There was an version mismatch in dependency

thanks for pointing it out :slight_smile:

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