How stop everything gracefully

with Graylog3, now when graylog-ctl dead, what command should I use to stop graylog, elasticsearch and other services gracefully to not mess everything up? Something like good old graylog-ctl stop…


stop services one by one - if you want to do this because of system restart, the system will take care of that…

Thanks, but I have two issues 1) I don’t know all their names (mongod, elasticsearch, etc.) 2) I worry about which order I should take.
I need to extend space (using OVA).
I know, how fragile these data stores are - this is my 4th try with graylog. My instalIations broke already due to disk space, power loss (elasticsearch), and last time mongod got corrupted somehow. So, I am bit parranoid :slight_smile:
Could I just download graylog-ctl and use it at least for graylog-ctl status and graylog-ctl stop? I guess this could work and not mess up anything, right?

sorry you can’t download it - because it is not maintained anymore and adjusted for Graylog 3.

Stop Graylog, Stop Elasticsearch, Stop MongoDB

That is the order you should use.

Ok. Thank you very much!

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