Graylog stops processing message(No errors/ES green)

I recently setup graylog 2.3 connected to ES 5.5. My setup is 1 server running graylog and mongodb. It is connecting to an ES cluster of 3 nodes. It functions fine for the most part. But sometimes without warning it stops processing logs. There seems to be no problem with the server.There isn’t high load, memory is fine, I have plenty of disk space. The elasticsearch cluster it is connected to is green. The first few times I encountered the problem it started processing logs again after a restart. The last couple of times it has resumed processing until after I have restarted a few times. It happens at random. but I can’t seem to go more than a week w/o the problem occurring.

I think maybe one of my pipeline processors is choking on a message that is causing a backup. Is there a good way I can check for this using the metrics?

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