How filter exacle day

I wan’t a filter that show “today” access, it means 00:00hs to now time of the day.
Tried several keywords but it always bug when 21:00hs arrives…
Maybe is a bug with timezone or natty? Im on -03:00 UTC.

Keyword that i tried:
today midnight -0300 to tomorrow midnight -0259
Works fine but when we are in >21:00hs shows:
Preview:2018-05-29 00:00:00 to 2018-05-29 23:59:00

today midnight -0300 UTC to tomorrow -0300 UTC
Same as bellow.

yesterday midnight -0300

Today midnight t now


I believe that what you need is a filter with an absolute time frame selector:

This should give you what you need.

As for setting the correct timezone for your account, you admin needs to go to: System -> Authentication -> select user, and then select the timezone for that user.

If you are the admin, then you need to change the server.conf:

And change the field root_timezone to the correct timezone.

Hope it helps.


Relative filter with “1 day”, filter 1 day before current time, so now (22:05) will filter from 22:05 of yesterday to 22:05 now… I want filter current day, starting from 00:00 to current time.

My timezone is OK, the filter works fine, but when we are in 21:00hs the filter just bugs…
Look the attachment please.


Instead of using the natural language filter, have you tried with the absolute filter or using the relative filter with the default options ( Search in the last X minutes ) ?

Does the error also happens when you do it this way?

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