How Do I Truncate Field

I have a field that I need to remove the “::ffff:” from to just give me the IPv4.

Is there a way to add this as a pipeline rule?

event_data_IpAddress ::ffff:

I found this example but I’m not sure how to build this into a pipeline:

// Extract the substring starting at offset 0 and stopping at offset 2
// Below example will return “ab”
substring(“abc”, 0, 2)

Hey, I actually figured it out on my own. For anyone else looking to do something similar:

rule “Windows: Event 4678 Cleanup”

has_field(“event_data_Status”) AND contains(to_string($message.event_id), “4768”)
//Change Logon Code
let update_source = lookup_value(“winlogon_status_lookup”, $message.event_data_Status);
set_field(“event_data_Status”, update_source);
//Cleanup IP Address
let ip_address = to_string($message.event_data_IpAddress);


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