How do i install graylog offline


Hi guys,

I am trying out graylog in one of my Red Hat Linux test server. I trying to install graylog but due to security concerns, i am unable to download packages from outside. Is there anyway for me to install graylog offline without the need to communicating with the internet ? Appreciate the help !


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how would you get Graylog and it dependencies if you can’t communicate with the internet?

Graylog does not provide CD-ROMS or USB Sticks you can guy somewhere.

You could download Graylog and it dependencies on a Computer that has access to the Internet and copy that over to the System where you want to install.


Hi Jan,

Yes, I am in the midst of doing that, which is downloading the packages to my test server.

I was going through all the steps in this guide :

but all the steps require connection to the internet to look for packages.

Any guide about offline install as in copying downloaded files to system and install from there ?

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He @wlt

we do not have that kind of a guide - but as you only need to run the local command to install the packages that shouldn’t be that hard to transfer the guide to a system with not internet access.

All packages have a small (to non existing) dependencie foo.

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