Graylog offline help


I don’t see any offline help in Graylog.
It seems the client browser must have internet to access the official Graylog documentation.
Is it possible to have an offline help ?
For example I could download all pages from official documentation (wget --recursive and put it somewhere in the graylog.jar.

(Jochen) #2

You can download the documentation for offline use (PDF, HTML. EPUB).

Just click on the version on the lower left corner to display the download options:


Thank you, I have downloaded it.
Is it possible to put this documentation on the graylog’s web server ?

(Jochen) #4

If you’re using a web server as reverse proxy in front of Graylog, such as nginx or Apache httpd, you can serve the documentation through that.

Graylog itself doesn’t support serving the documentation.

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