How do I create a spreadsheet type of display of critical or warning levels raw logs?

This came from a Graylog user outside the community:

I am looking to set up a spreadsheet type of display of raw logs that are critical or warning levels. When a log has been reviewed, I would like the ability to hide it. Also able to color code lines based on severity would be nice.

This is the only thing I can think of, As for hiding the info , Could copy this to a dashboard and set permissions.

Or something like this.

If you click the Timestamp you can see the logs. Or Re-Click it to hide it again., Just a thought.


How is something like this set up?

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Graylog has Wizards that work Dark magic :laughing:

But seriously thou, I manipulate the Widget called " Message Table"


Then Highlighted what I wanted (i.e., Error, WARNING, etc…) You can refine this more by setting up a stream to only allow ERROR/WARN messages in, then create a saved search/Dashboard through that stream. Which can be attached to a Alert :thinking:

EDIT: I forgot, to change colors, edit the widget and on the left side you can change the color/s if need be.

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