How can I use pipelines to remove commas from events

Dealing with Palo Alto Panorama events, which use comma delimiting for each field. Not looking to fully parse out the events, due to disk space concerns (events take up about 6x size when parsed out). Either that or if you know a way of searching within an event when it is ,data,
unable to do ,data, or “data” or “,data,”

example of event - from message field in graylog:

PANPANSERVER.sample.local  15:23:00,001801014452,TRAFFIC,start,1,2017/11/10 15:23:00,,,,,Palo-Rulename,domain\user,,ssl,vsys1,Trust,Untrust,ethernet1/2,ethernet1/1,SYSLOG-Forwarder,2017/11/10 15:23:00,32637,1,55887,443,25444,443,0x400000,tcp,allow,763,697,66,4,2017/11/10 15:23:00,0,any,0,3858443278,0x0,XX-PT0,US,0,3,1,n/a,27,16,0,0,,PANPANSERVER,from-policy

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