How can I show logs on my own dashboard of Graylog in real time?

I want to show logs on my own website from Graylog in real time. I got one API but I want real time logs. So how can I show logs in real time

Are you using GL 5.0 ?

If you are in the streams-view on the top-right there is a “play”-Button:
You can choose the interval with the drop-down menu.

I want to show logs on my own dashboard not on graylog dashboard @ihe

@ramindia my graylog version is 5.0.1

If you want to show logs on your own web interface, you will need to make API calls into Graylog to get the logs you want. Documentation on the GL API is scarce, but you can always search for what you need via the API browser (System/Nodes>API browser)


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