How can I remove the default index set and All messages stream

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I have an All messages stream and a Default index set which I would like to remove from Graylog. What would be the best way to accomplish this?

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  • OS Information:
    Ubuntu Server 22.04
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    Graylog v5.0.2+59d96f8

I believe you have to have a Default Index/Stream. You don’t have to use it though. They way I have my Graylog is setup, message processing handles all incoming messages and routes them to a new stream and index. That way if anything shows up in the Default stream/Index, I know I have some adjustments to make.


It is possible to remote the index via command line/api call, but I believe there is a good reason why this is not possible via GUI.
Try it, but backup your system before you do it.

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And what would be the command/API call to achieve this? And what exactly do you mean by remote?

How about deleting it directly on the Elasticsearch instance?

There is information about in the Graylog MongoDB database as well…

Honestly it’s a better idea to not use it than to delete it. You can run into all sorts of future issues… perhaps with upgrading…


And how can I achieve the same? Can you provide a simple tutorial? Sorry, I’m new to graylog!

Hey @joseraeiro

Here is my 2 cents,

Example Linux nodes:

Create a INPUT called Linux
Create a Index called Linux
Create a stream called linux /w a rule.

Message/log comes in Syslog INPUT called Linux From that Imput it routed into stream and attached to a differetn index :+1:


Add Stream “Rule” ( FYI for routing)


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Dear @gsmith,

Thanks again for the excellent help provided.

So what you suggest is that I create a stream for a different index? The problem with that approach is that if I associate a stream to my whole input I’ll get the same problem. Since I’m using a mono-input source (Wazuh logs), it would just create a duplicate index with all the information already contained in the different indices/streams, defined with rules to include all logs, but segregated by client.

My applogies, I though it was about default index. What I have been doing to help you further was read about Wazuh environment.

I was looking for a way to separt the logs before sending them to Graylog.
Example somehting like this…

output {
    udp {
        port => 5064
output {
    beats {
        port => 12201

It would be better to separate the logs before the y hit Graylog input. Just an idea

Second, using the piepline to filter out the devices, etc… from Wazuh, pretty much something like this.

Stage 0

rule "testing route to input"
 from_input(id:"61930ee96cfcf9713fe14bf2") AND contains  (to_string($message.message), "joseraeiro")

The idea behind this would be route_to_stream(id:“619f001ede134c6ec5760c9f”); is the the stream called “LINUX” and only “joseraeiro” in th emessage would be routed there. you can make a broader search but that is just an example, hope that helps.

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