How can I get triggered alerts via API?


I have some configured event definitions which is trigger email notification. Works great. I want the forward this alert to another siem application to monitor all alerts from single point.

I check API documents but not able to get\list triggered alarms with included already defined fields in event definitions.

do you have any advice?

Graylog Version: 4.1.5

Hello @terziofa1,

You want to retrieve a list of active alerts as defined by event definitions? Or you want system alerts such as long-running garbage collection tasks, new version notifications, etc?

Hi @ttsandrew

I need list of all alerts as defined by event definitions with extra defined fields. Did not find the a way query by REST API.

But then I figure out this alerts are stored in “Graylog Events” index with all details. I’m able to query over API now from here.

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