High CPU usage most of the time

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Hi guys !

I have a GL cluster consisting of 3 virtual CentOS Servers, each one with 8 Cores and 12 GB of RAM.

In each server I have installed GL 2.3.0 and ES 5.5.1.

I recently performed the upgrade from GL 2.2 and ES 2.x. After I performed the Upgrade, GL Java processes started using a lot of CPU, averaging 300 - 400% per process.

I’ve trying to take some thread dumps, but it looks like JVM is not respondind.

I enabled JMX, and using VisualVM i have managed to perform a CPU profiling. Attached, you can find some screens of the CPU sampler, you can see there are some KafkaJournal related methods taking a lot of CPU time… please help me with this… I thing it could be a bug…

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Hi guys…

This is the thread dump report I managed to get from one of the servers…


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Looks like I’m having issues with GrayLog Journal… .but I dont know why… journal is empty…

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