High CPU usage after 3.0 -> 3.1 upgrade

After 3.1 update graylog seems to hog all remaining CPU power, htop says all cores are at 100%, before it wasn’t even taking 2 cores out of 8 (180% on avg), fortunately it’s a docker deployment so i just limited the container to 3 cores, but it’s a workaround, how I can debug this situation and investigate the cause?

you need to dig into the differences now.

Build you own docker image of 3.0 with the current stable images to see if the issues is coming from changes in the images (java, os or similar) - work from their.

If you see the same behaviour with 3.0 but newer java that might be the reason and so on.

good luck.

as far as i can see in the docker hub and git repo graylog docker images are build with the same base since 3.0 (openjdk:8-jre-slim) so i’m not sure Java or OS would be responsible

they use the same base - but maybe that base has a newer release between the builds of the Graylog image?

ah, you’re right, it was changed some time ago, I’ll try to run it in some VM

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