Help with pipeline


I want to rewrite the source field where a Message begins with “WIFI-”

my pipeline rule:

rule “rewrite wifi source”
set_field(“source”, “wlc01”);

but i can’t get it working! please help!

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What have you done so far and what doesn’t work exactly?


this is the original message:
WIFI-LOGIN AP=ZVL-TNZ1 SSID=“Bibliotheek Guest” USER="" IP= MAC=f0:ee:10:fb:da:20

and the source is mdb-vl-tftp

what i want is rewrite the source to “wlc01”

but with my pipeline rule it never changed the source so i think that the regex line is not right?

You’re running the regular expression against the wrong message field (“source” instead of “message”).

ohh yes i see. in the simulator works but not in the streams where the rule is applyed

what can that be?

Pretty much anything. I don’t see what you put into the simulator in the first place. :wink:


Interesting, but that wasn’t the rule you’ve posted above (because it would’ve checked the “source” field and not the “message” field).

If you can reproduce this behavior (simulator being successful even if the rule doesn’t match the message), please create a bug report at

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