Replacing the Name in the Source Field

Hi all, sorry for posting about something that’s been asked before, but I’ve been through the docs, and old form posts, and I don’t seem to be able to figure out my issue.

I’ve set up a UDP syslog listener, and configured a Unifi Controller to send logs from my wireless access points into Graylog. This is working, but the source names are not super descriptive (things like “U7PG2,788a215xcaf5,v4.0.59.10615:”).

I’m trying to set up a pipeline to set the source to something else. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

  1. Under System > Pipelines, I’ve created a new pipeline. The pipeline is connected to the All Messages stream
  2. Under rules, I’ve added a rule to transform the source field. I’ve tried a LOT of different things, here, and haven’t been able to get anything to work. Here’s the current rule I have in place:

rule “AP1”
$message.source == “U7PG2,788a215xcaf5,v4.0.59.10615:”
set_field(“source”, “AP1”);

  1. In stage 0 of the pipeline, I’ve added the rule I created.

I can see in the pipeline that messages are going through, but I don’t see the transformation being applied. I think that I’m missing something somewhere else in the configuration, but I’m not sure where to look next. Can anyone point me in the right direction?



  1. You probably didn’t use search very hard, check this topic:
    Change source name through pipeline example?

  2. Your rule condition has 2 problems: First you don’t use function to_string($message.source) which is neccesary. Second you use too specific condition, if you update firmware your condition will not match. I suggest to change condition to something more descriptive like:
    contains(to_string($message.source), "U7PG2,788a215xcaf5") or only
    contains(to_string($message.source), "788a215xcaf5") which is probably mac address of AP

  3. You can also use lookup table if you have many APs, create CSV file and use function lookup_value()

Hey, thank you so much for the guidance! I managed to get it working as follows:

rule “AP1”
to_string($message.source) == “U7PG2,788gt050as3w,v4.0.54.10625:”
set_field(“source”, “AP1”);

I’ll try using the contains method as you described. I like the idea of not updating the rules when the firmware changes.

Thanks again!

One thing that I noticed, which I think was part of my confusion, is that it seems to take a while for the changes in the pipeline to kick in. I got into work today, after leaving this in it’s previous state for about 5 days, and found that it was working (using function to_string($message.source), as you described).

Is there any reason for the delay in changing the pipeline, to seeing the changes in the search?

he @brigzzy - as the changes are instand, I guess your messages are not “sync in time” and that is the reason it appears to be not in sync.

Check the time on your devices

Thanks Jan, that’s definitely the issue. The devices are in UTC, and the Graylog server is in PST. Looks pretty instant now!


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