Help with OVA image, server closing download conection 3 days now


Hi guys, sorry to bother, ive been trying to download the OVAs for over 3 days, and it seems like the downoad server keeps closing the conection at arround 10% every time asking for a username and password to continue the download, i have tried with different IP adresses, diferent OS`s and it allways ends up the same, could anyone prived mirrors for the OVAS???, or tell me what user and pass should i enter its the public download link it makes no sense, unless amazons servers are closing the conection for some reason

Thank you in advanced

(Jan Doberstein) #2

could you please give us the url where you are getting this problems?

thank you


Hi Jan thanks for your reply, here is the url

Tried again today, working fine until it reached arround 10% droped again, im downloading from an IP in guatemala, but i also tried through my Private internet acces vpn to download from different locations and everytime the same problem.


(Jochen) #4

How fast is your internet connection and is it possible that there are connection drops while downloading the OVA, triggering the HTTP client(s) to reestablish the connections later?


wow, awesome fast reply, yeah i guess that could be the case, i have a 3mb conection here so pretty slow, what i ended up doing was sshing to my work server (25mb conection) and then sent it back to my machine, since the download would resume through my ssh client, thanks for your support, just as an opinion wouldnt it make sense to configure downloads to resume, to avoid theese kind of situations?

thanks jochen


(Jochen) #6

Resuming downloads already works.

The underlying problem is that the access token generated for the artifacts on S3 is only valid for 10 minutes and if your connection drops and the HTTP client tries to resume after the token expired, it will be denied by S3.

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