Help with developing new Data Adapter plugin

Hi Graylog Team!

I’m trying to develop a new Data Adapter plugin for my use case of fetching an authentication token from another service and then doing a GET request similar to the HTTP json data adapter by passing the auth token in the header.

I have read in the Graylog documentation that the Data Adapter is pluggable, although I’m not seeing anything for a look up data adapter in the plugin module here:

Could you please tell me how to register my plugin in the class which extends the plugin module?

For example, I see these methods available :
addMessageInput(Class<? extends MessageInput>);
addMessageFilter(Class<? extends MessageFilter>);
addMessageOutput(Class<? extends MessageOutput>);
addPeriodical(Class<? extends Periodical>);
addAlarmCallback(Class<? extends AlarmCallback>);

Which method can I use for a data adapter plugin?


Figured it out after reading the code some more:

installLookupDataAdapter2(String name,
Class<? extends LookupDataAdapter> adapterClass,
Class<? extends LookupDataAdapter.Factory2> factoryClass,
Class<? extends LookupDataAdapterConfiguration> configClass)

Nice, and thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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