HAProxy configurtion with HTTPS

Hey, aboubacar.

Check out our 4.0 documentation (we just released 4.1 yesterday). The information on HAProxy on this page shows a configuration file. Let us know if this helps.

Making the web interface work with load balancers/proxies

If you want to run a load balancer/reverse proxy in front of Graylog, you need to make sure that:

  • The HTTP port of the load balancer/reverse proxy is accessible for clients
  • The HTTP address for the Graylog server is properly set (as explained in How does the web interface connect to the Graylog server?), so it is resolvable and accessible for the load balancer/reverse proxy.
  • If you use SSL, your certificates must be valid and trusted by your clients.


To help you with your specific environment, we show some example configuration use cases.


Regarding installing the HAproxy on Graylog, these links may help you to answer that question: