GROK Pattern fails to match

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Hello -

I am having an issue in extracting my data from one of my logs using the GROK Pattern option. In, I was able to create a pattern that outputs what I am looking for, yet when I try that same pattern in Graylog, I get an error: “Attention We were not able to run the grok extraction. Please check your parameters.”

Here is an example logfile line:
“”,“1611VruCr8X9b79”,“xxxxx”,"[13/Nov/2017:11:17:58 -0600]"

This is what works on the herokuapp site:

which fails on Graylog, so I tried %{HTTPDATE}, which also fails. Any suggestions and/or ideas??

Jamen McGranahan

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Hej @jmcgranahan

you could add new Patterns to Graylog. Just navigate to “System > Grok Patterns” and add the missing.

In Addition where did you tried to use those patterns? Extractors or Pipelines? Did you escape the " with \"


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