Graylog WebUI config

Hi Folks,
I am trying to Load Balance Graylog WEBUI. In that case should I have set both the Graylog nods as master in server.conf file.

I am referring to is_master=True

Please let me know.

No, why?

See and

@jochen I am confused with WEBUI Load Balancing. Right now REST API is listening on port 12900 on both the nodes.
Second node is not listening on port 9000, which supposed to be a WEBUI Port, because second node is not a master.

If primary WEB interface fails, how will I get an access to the WEBUI through the Secondary node. Thats where I am confused

Being master (is_master) has nothing to do with serving the web interface (web_enable).

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@jochen - Thanks. now I got it.

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