Graylog Usage Statistics - What is sent?


just a quick question about the anonymous usage statistics.
I want to give a little back to the developers by sending some statistics of our production system when it is fully set up.

But I need to know what is sent to convince my colleagues and my supervisor.
A google search did not result in anything and going through the output manually is not possible atm (apprenticeship final exam is knocking on the door).

Is there any list that states what is send?

Greetings - Phil

Thanks for bringing this up!

There is no simple and comprehensive list of what data the statistics contain, but the plugin’s source code is available on GitHub and the data specifically collected can be seen at:

As the name says, it’s anonymous usage statistics, such as (but not limited to) the versions of Graylog, Elasticsearch, and MongoDB, a list of installed Graylog plugins and their versions, number of streams, dashboards, and searches of the Graylog cluster.

Ok, this is a quick overview at least. I’ll try to compile this into a list when I’ve got time. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply :thumbsup:

Greetings - Phil