Metrics Reporter

Hi all,

May I know full installation of Graylog Metrics Reporter Plugin?
I put the jar file in /usr/share/graylog-server/plugin/
and pom.xml in /etc/graylog/server/. Are these setting correct?
Since after restart graylog-server, nothing to show. How could I know it success?

Please help.

Many Thanks,

Which version of the plugin and which version of Graylog are you using?
Is the plugin shown on the System / Nodes / Plugins page?

The metrics reporters don’t have any UI components, so there won’t be any new menu items of pages in the Graylog web interface.


I found it

What command I should type in graylog server if the plugin don’t have UI components?


The configuration of each metrics reporter plugin is explained in the GitHub repository’s README files:

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