Graylog to AWS SQS output

Hey ,
I was trying to connect graylog output stream to an AWS SQS .
Using SQS we wanted to process live logs being intercepted by the graylog on cloud.
Wanted to know is there any method to use graylog stream for live logs and push the incoming log to an SQS Queue?

he @Tulsani
not sure what live logs are for you - but Graylog does currently not have a build in SQS Output. Some 3rd party might have build that…

Hey thanks a lot for your reply !!

By live logs i meant streams in graylog , wanted to figure out a way to push a stream data on to an SQS queue
Maybe using rest APIs for graylog stream we could push the log in stream to an SQS is that possible?
By writing a seperate program to call using graylog APIs and push to SQS?


if you are capable writing code - hook into the output module of Graylog and build a plugin that is able to forward data to SQS is the better solution. I guess.

Graylog can be extended by many plugins and the output part is one part that can be enhanced with plugin code.

Thanks a lot for your help !!! :slight_smile:

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