Graylog Supported Device List

Could I have the Supported Device List/ Device parsers for Graylog? I need this ASAP.

Then you need to go visit Google ASAP and do your own homework :wink:

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is there no published list of supported devices that graylog parsing engine supports? This is basic stuff. I need the list, ben. Hope you can help. Appreciate it!!. I can’t find on google.

Then your Google-fu wasn’t up to the task. Graylog supports virtually any device; if it can send syslog formatted messages, if it can send to a raw tcp socket, if it can send through GELF, if it writes log files that can be shipped by filebeat or nxlog, and so on and so forth.

Please, read the documentation, and if you are wondering whether a device you use can have it’s logs shipped to Graylog, why not try it first, and see if it’s workable instead of asking questions here that aren’t really questions.

Sorry if I’m being an asshole.

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