Graylog stream multiline logs

Hi graylog community,

I’m struggeling to stream multiline messages from a log file. Basic log streaming is working, but the result is messages are coming line by line as a single event for each line.

Here an extract of a multiline message :

10:16:21.905_I_I_006602fd04bbcd24 [07:49] func is continued(0,000000003200039d)
_I_I_006602fd04bbcd24 [07:44] return to strategy 0x65STI_Aiguillage_Routage_Appels (level=1, crc=861536448)
_I_I_006602fd04bbcd24 [09:0f] script 000000000456b300 DS 000000000086a1e0 [80] -s (13 9) (5 000000000086a1e0)
I_I [25:01] script 0x65SRI_Aiguillage_Premier_Appel usage -1=0
10:16:21.905_I_I_006602fd04bbcd24 [09:05] >>>>>>>>>>>>resume interp(0), func:CallStrategy

Each message is changing, the only option i have is to extract the messages by datetime.
I tried with “Pattern of multiline” option in the NXLog Inputs configuration, but it didn’t work…

Do you have any ideas?

Graylog version : v3.0.2
Elasticsearch version : 6.8.12

Thank you in advance,

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