Graylog Security limited free license

Most of the comercial SIEMS have a limited version for labs and testing purposes with limited GB or EPS similar to what graylog enterprise provides.
For example, Qradar, Splunk, work in this way or ELK SIEM/Security that doesn’t have any limitation but some features are only available in the paid versions

Can we get something similar for Graylog security? even if it’s more limited like 1GB/day

Greetings! I’m checking internally to make sure I provide an accurate answer.

I did find this text via GRAYLOG PRICING

From within a Graylog Open installation, you can request a free 14-day trial license.

I am able to go through this workflow when testing, but I’m not sure this works for requesting a Security trial.

Will report back.

I’m asking more for a limited version in log ingestion like the enterprise one, or some features removed, not for 14 days trial.
For example if you use Graylog “enterprise free” right now you get a limitation of 2 GB data ingestion, this option doesn’t exist for security, so maybe adding security to the 2GB limitation or if you want to use the lab the security you get an additional restriction to 1GB.

My apologies for misunderstanding!

My understanding is that we do not currently offer “free enterprise” for Graylog Security.

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