Graylog SaltStack Formula

Graylog SaltStack Formula


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A saltstack formula that can be used to manage graylog installations on RHEL and Debian based systems using a package or tar file.

Table of Contents

  • General notes
  • Requirements
  • Releases

General notes


The FORMULA file, contains information about this formula, tested OS and OS families, and the minimum tested version of salt.

See the full Salt Formulas installation and usage instructions.


You must be running elasticsearch and mongodb to use Graylog.

Formulas exist to help with installation and management of the necessary Graylog stack components, which are; a firewall, elasticsearch, and mongodb at a bare minimum.

firewall-formula GitHub - alias454/firewall-formula: Salt formula to handle firewalld or iptables basic firewall functionality

elasticsearch-formula GitHub - alias454/elasticsearch-formula: Salt formula to install Elasticsearch on RHEL or Debian based systems

mongodb-formula GitHub - alias454/mongodb-formula: Salt formula to install MongoDB on RHEL or Debian based distros

If using mongo authentication, configure a DB in mongo first. Requires the mongodb-formula to include correct mongodb states or one can manually created the appropriate database and user.


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