Graylog Open install not creating /etc/graylog ... folders, so no server.conf to modify

Installing on Ubuntu 22.04. I followed the instructions from here:

Seemed to be going fine, right up until I needed to modify the server.conf file – doesn’t exist on my system – in fact the whole /etc/graylog folder tree doesn’t exist.

Also, nothing in /var (i.e., no /var/graylog folders). Don’t know if there should be.

To be clear, I’m a nearly complete Linux newbie, so don’t discount any user error, no matter how silly it might seem – my skin’s pretty thick.


Hi @billwymanlc,

Sorry, but all I have for you are questions at the moment.

What have you done so far? Did you load Java 17 first? Is this a single server or are you installing on separate hosts? Did Mongo and Opensearch install correctly?