Graylog Open and Sidecars

Hello. I’m looking for a centralized logging solution so I started to try Graylog Open. The setup process asked me if I wanted to also install the enterprise plugin and I did it.

I configured everything, I created a Windows sidecar to get the winlog but it doesn’t work because of:

ERROR [AuditLogger] Unable to write audit log entry because there is no valid license.

Can the Open version get windows log into Graylog? If not, is there any trial for the Enterprise version?

Hi Vincenzo,

You can get a free Enterprise licsence allowing up to 5gb /day log ingestion here:

The enterprise version isn’t required to log data, licensing it will only further enable the enterprise features. You can see a comparison here.

The error message you posted is associated with audit logging but not with Sidecar or windows Logging.

Can you tell us a little more about how you have things set up, what versions, what errors you are seeing?

If you don’t want the enterprise features or you expect logging to go over 5GB and you want to stay with OpenSource Graylog, it’s best to uninstall it.

I fixed the issue. I was using a wrong port for the Input. Thank you

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