Graylog monitoring VSFTP

Hi All,

I agreed to configure the graylog to monitor my vsftp server.

It is working perfectly, but I doubt if I can configure Graylog as follows for my FTP clients.

I need to create some accesses on Garylog for my clients to see only their ftp users’ log lines.

I saw that I can make filters and display only one specific user.

But I don’t know if it is possible to create an access for a client and leave this search fixed so that he does not see the logs of other clients.

Follow my log /var/log/vsftp.log

You can create stream for every client and allow client to access to specific stream.

Thank you, shoothub
I will study the documentation.

Hi, shoothub

I did the index set configuration and then added the stream but it doesn’t display anything.

What do we need to do?

Thank you


I managed to create the role in the streams with regex.Pattern

Thank you anyway!

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