Graylog Labs - How I used Graylog to Fix my Internet Connection

Hello Everyone,

I’m Dan McDowell and I’m a Professional Services Engineer at graylog. I come from a background of sysadmin, infrastructure automation, centralized management and wireless ISPs. I’m an MECM/SCCM SME, open-sorcery ninja, Proxmox and PFSense fanboy with decades of experience.

Recently we published my first blog post. In this article I write about using the ookla speed test cli, some scripting and graylog to gather metrics to show my ISP that they in fact had a problem in need of resolution. There’s a useful content pack for graylog included so check it out! How I used Graylog to Fix my Internet Connection.



HA! Thanks Dan, I used this last week and guess what? My provider came and replaced my cable modem LOL