Graylog Journal Filling Up

I had an issue with ES that was causing it to crash (Java Heap Size needed to be increased past the default). ES seems to be stable now. It’s been running all day without crashing, all of the shards are green, and it seems to be slowing growing the current active shard.

However in Graylog, the journal keeps growing and I’m not sure why. Everything I know to check looks good. Any ideas? Running Graylog 2.1.1, I know it needs updated but I’m trying to get this issue resolved first.


Hej @nathanmace

what does your Graylog server.log say? (find the location with this help from documentation)

did you restart graylog?

It would seem I do not have the Java Heap issue fixed. I checked and just now the ES service crashed with the out of memory error. Should I start a new thread about that? I believe that’s ultimately what is causing my journal to fill up.

that depends on you.

I would discuss this in the same thread, but thats up to you.


where did you change the java heap size? in /etc/sysconfig/elasticsearch ?
did you restart elasticsearch afterwards?