Graylog installed on Linux is not showing logs from Filbeat installed on windows

(Tarun Sharma) #1

My configuration is:-
MachineA - Linux - Elastic Search
MachineB- Linux - Graylog
MachineC- Windows - Filebeat
Now, filebeat is configured to send logs to logstash
In Graylog, a beat input is created to accept logs
There is no firewall enabled on Linux machines. And, I verified the connectivity from Windows Machines to Graylog at port configured for beat input.

Issue is, Graylog is not showing any messages for this beat input from windows filebeat

When I started filebeat from linux with same configuration then Graylog shows messages instantly. Kindly suggest what I am missing here.

(Ark) #2

@tarun22sh that’s very weird. Can you enable packet capture on the graylog machine when you start with windows configuration and see if the packets are coming through?

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