Send logs from Windows (Filebeat) to Graylog

HI Team,

I am looking for an option by which I can send logs from my Windows machine running Filebeat to my Graylog server running on different Linux machine. I had came across many options can you suggest which will be better option for future, if I grow with more number of Windows machine running Filebeat.
I had setup Filebeat with some initial configurations and created input GELF TCP on Graylog.
Kindly help me in providing right track.

if you run filebeat, you need a beats input on Graylog to receive the messages.

Hi Jan,

Can you share the steps for direct Filebeat to Graylog setup (with some screenshots)?

And meanwhile I had setup the Graylog Sidecar on Windows machine and made the necessary configuration on Graylog as per link “”, where configuration is using winlogbeat but I am not any data on Graylog and seeing this error in winlogbeat log file.

What are your Log Collector (winlogbeat) settings? Asking because I didn’t see it…Also, under sidecar Administration, is the the configuration applied? It is interesting that in your sidecars overview the machine is called “graylog-sidecar” - the hostname should be there… Once it is connected the Graylog server will push the configuration down to the client into c:\program files\Graylog\sidecar\generated\winlogbeat.conf and you will also see winlogbeat.yml and meta.json in C:\Program Files\Graylog\sidecar\cache\winlogbeat\data

Here are some snaps from my config other than the ones you have posted…


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