Graylog has stopped working - Server Currently unavailable

I have been testing Graylog for an in house project which has been receiving logs from a single host successfully for a few weeks now. This morning I have tried to look at it and it was non responsive. I have rebooted the VM and was able to login in briefly but I now get “Server currently unavailable” with the message "cannot GET http://XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:9000/api/ (500).

Anyone got any ideas?


Welcome our community!

It can caused by many things.
So check the followings:

  • mongodb service’s state
  • elasticsearch’s state
  • mongo and elasticsearch’s logs.
  • graylog’s log files

Maybe it helps to find the lofgiles.

(OK, maybe elasticsearch doesn’t couse this type of error…)

Any idea of the commands I need to use to check this? I have logged into the console but I cant seem to find anything for version 3.2.

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