Graylog/elastic search ip address configuration files set up

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I am new to Graylog so when I installing it, I am really confused as to what these configure I should set to:

In graylog configuration file server.conf:

  1. rest_listen_uri
  2. est_transport_uri
  3. web_listen_uri
  4. web_endpoint_uri
  5. elasticsearch_discovery_zen_ping_unicast_hosts
  6. elasticsearch_network_host
  7. elasticsearch_network_bind_host
  8. elasticsearch_network_publish_host

And in elasticsearch configuration file elasticsearch.yml
10. network.host_bind:

So my graylog was installed at server with IP:A (through command line), and I am trying to open up a web interface on a computer with IP:B.

So which Ip address I should assign to the above ?

Graylog Version:
Elasticsearch Version:
MongoDB Version:
Operating System:
centos 7
Browser version:

Any help is appreciated !!

Graylog server up and running but web-interface not showing up
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All configuration settings are explained in the example configuration file:

For information about how to configure Elasticsearch, please refer to the Graylog documentation:

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