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Just trying to run this with my volume mapped to a local share that has permission UID and GID set to user 1100. When I docker run the image, it will generate these 3 errors in the log:

Couldn’t load configuration: Properties file /user/share/graylog/data/config/graylog.conf
Error StatusLogger File not found in file system or classpath: /usr/share/graylog/data/config/log4j2.xml
Error StatusLogger Reconfiguration failed: No configuration found for ?? at null in null

the mapped folder that I have on the docker host does create empty folders: config, content packs, journal, log, plugin

I am running this docker run command:

docker run
–name graylog1
-v /usr/local/etc/graylog1:/usr/share/graylog/data
–link es1
–link es2
–link es3
–link mongo1
-p 9000:9000
-p 12201:12201/udp
–network graylog
-d graylog/graylog:4.1.3

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I have tried to ensure the permission are correct

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Hello && Welcome

I’m not familiar with Docker but I might be able to help.

Need to ask you a couple questions.

  • What documentation did you use to install Graylog Docker?
  • What is your environmental information, like is this a virtual machine, is your firewall enable, etc…

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Thank you.

I’ve been testing Docker in my lab using Graylog Documentation

What I found to be helpful was this.

Choose the -v or --mount flag

So docker works great but what does not work is where the documentation says you can reference any config variables via docker run or docker compose. The only think you need to do is prefix with GRAYLOG_

When I set all my config variables like this, it will cause the above error.


looking at the first error I would assume that your local folder (at your host) is empty. You need some files on your local host, at least graylog.conf ( and I think log4j2.xml and node-id ).
Just start your docker environment without the mapping, copy these files from inside the docker to you host and stop your docker environment.
Now you can move these three files to your local folder /usr/local/etc/graylog1 and start your environment like you wrote in your first post.

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