fresh installation (on ubuntu docker-compose)gave me ERROR: org.graylog2.indexer.cluster.Cluster - Couldn’t read cluster health for indices [graylog_deflector]
i can’t login to graylog.

Graylog is not able to connect to Elasticsearch

i don’t now what happend i remove all images and start with docker-compose up it’s running now.

it’s running on local broswer and when i curl it it’s running on
Do you know how to call it from remote browser?

no, because you do not shared anything from your environment that might help someone.

ok. i try to login to raylog from adress 10.X.X.X but graylog on docker has adress
and docker network ls is
7ed116ca4800 bridge bridge local
b8151d8006bc docker-compose_default bridge local
7fee232e5ac9 host host local
d07cec18884e none null local

how to login to graylog from adress 10.x.x.x.

please read the Documentation:

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