Graylog Dashboard data is not getting updated in MongoDB

I had been using Graylog 3.2.4 in docker and updated to the latest version of 3.3.0-1 via docker image as mentioned in Graylog Docker Image.

I have had my data dump taken from MongoDB before the upgrade and restored it in the latest version. I noticed a few errors and corrected them by deleting the old collection related to index_names and index_field_types from the MongoDB. However, my dashboard widget and data are not getting updated in the database.

I changed the query(earlier it was working without slashes but after some searching, I figured I have to input /.*text_to_search.*/ for wildcards to work) string in my dashboard and saved it. It was working fine on the interface as in the screenshot below:

When I visited the API browser and looked for the Dashboards, I am getting the correct results with api:


Response Body
“total”: 6,
“page”: 1,
“per_page”: 50,
“count”: 0,
“views”: [

However, when I checked the legacy dashboard APIs for widget details, there was no data.


Response Body
“total”: 0,

Earlier it was showing the older dashboards which I had in my Graylog 3.2.4 version of Docker but after editing the dashboards there were no changes in them through the API. I guess the API is fetching data from the MongoDB for legacy/dashboard API while for dashboards API, it retrieves from Elasticsearch.

How would I update my new dashboard data in MongoDB?
As I need the count to be used in my application, thus API has to be getting the actual figures.

Also, the highlighted search does not work in the new version even when I have in the Graylog configuration:

allow_highlighting = true

Kindly provide the fix for that as well.

Thank you!

The highlighting feature started working when I used it with standalone containers, it was giving problems in docker swarm mode.
However, I am still not able to figure out the way to have my dashboard data on MongoDB.
Kindly help me through this.

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