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Hello Team,

When I try to upload " Content packs" of Heroku (, I get below error…

Error importing content pack, please ensure it is a valid JSON file. Check your Graylog logs for more information.
Null id at [Source: org.glassfish.jersey.message.internal.ReaderInterceptorExecutor$UnCloseableInputStream@6f86cb17; line: 278, column: 1] (through reference chain: org.graylog2.contentpacks.model.AutoValue_LegacyContentPack$Builder[“id”])


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Seems that there may have been an issue with copy/pasting the file. Or there’s an error in there. Based on that one error text I would think there’s a syntax error, where a bracket or (double) quote is not properly close.

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what Graylog Version did you use? It is very likely that the content pack is not working with your Graylog version …

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I am using Graylog-3.0.0-beta.2, Elasticsearch 6.0 and Mongo 3.6

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that content pack is not compatible with the new conten packs 2.0 in Graylog 3.0

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