Graylog Collector Sidecar on AIX

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I’ve read here that there is no support for running collector sidecar on AIX, since there is no support for GO on AIX.
It is not true, there is a support for GO on AIX, ( and also there is NXlog for AIX, so it would be great to see Collector Sidecar for AIX.

How can I compile it on AIX (not familiar with GO)?

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whatever you do - that is not supported by us in any way.

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Roger that.

I was thinking this is kinda community forum, not official support (which I am not, by the way, entitled in any way).
Anyway, do you have any recommendation, at least direction, about what to consider in an effort to send logs from IBM WebSphere, Oracle Weblogic and/or Oracle database all of them running on IBM AIX, to Graylog?


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He @Mita201

your right this is the community board - I just want to make clear that this kind of work would not be supported in any way by Graylog, the company.

The most common route with AIX Logfiles would be to use syslog (any kind of) to scrape the logfiles and then deliver it over to Graylog.

If you need more options and have multiline logs using logstash as shipper might be also a way to go.


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Thanks. I will check my options.


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