Hi, new here.

I’m looking for a graylog-sidecar binary for FreeBSD. I tried to compile from the Github source, but the Makefile has issues.


Hello && Welcome @datashuttle

Not sure about FreeBSD but have yo seen this. Or should I say did you use this?

GitHub - Graylog2/collector-sidecar: Manage log collectors through Graylog

Hi, and thanks for the reply. Yes, that is the repo I cloned from and tried to install with make. The “Makefile” had issues that I didn’t look into, but it had a few line item errors in FreeBSD.

I was hoping someone had some success with this.

Hey @datashuttle
Did some searching for FreeBSD stuff, TBH I didn’t see much.
This was it,

Perhaps wait a few see is someone jumps in, sorry I cant be more help.

Hi @datashuttle

welcome to the Community!

What are you trying to achieve with the sidecar for FreeBSD? rsyslog is also available for *BSD distros and, IMHO, it should be a better way to go.

If you need to manage multiple FreeBSD instances, use some automation tool, like Ansible or SaltStack.

Perhaps, if you describe your final goal, I’d be more helpful :slight_smile:


Hello and thanks for trying to help.

I am trying to feed FreeBSD syslog, and various app logs to a Graylog server, from multiple FreeBSD installs.

I thought sidecar was a good mechanism for the above purpose. I can look again at a couple of the automation tools, but just trying to keep it simple in the Graylog system. I have the sidecar working fine in other distros and thought I could get it installed in my FreeBSD instances.

Thanks again.

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