Graylog api find no message with 2.5.0 and ES6

(Julien Laurenceau) #1

I used to work with graylog 2.4.6 and ES2.
I made a fresh install on a new host using the last version.
I cannot make graylog 2.5.0 +es6 works. My messages get ingested by graylog into ES. But if if use graylog api or graylog web interface I have no error but no messages at all !
Messages are in the index but graylog cannot find them !
Any help appreciated.
curl*&range=3000&decorate=true gives me 200 OK with 0 results and “used_indices”:
whereas if I check indices, I got index graylog_0 with 100000 message that I can query be using ES api.

Thanks for any help

(Jan Doberstein) #2

did you try recalculate the index range and check if you have something returned after that is done?

(Julien Laurenceau) #3

Thanks, it was works now !

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